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Climate Solutions Advocacy.

Be Part of the Solution.

Come and join us.

Let’s Get This Done.

Watch the trailer for the first episode of our climate show, Let's Get This Done.
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Our name’s our aim; our aim’s our name
If you share our aim, you know it’s no game
But it has to be done, and the sooner, the better
Do not forget these six easy letters
The later we leave it, the more it will bite us
Come on and sign in, don’t try to fight us
The mood’s reassuring, the solutions’ maturing
No greater challenge, no time to pause
Step up to the plate, there’s no greater cause

Inspiration.  Information.  Participation.


Hard science is fine, we’ll keep it in mind.
Put social in front, let it bear the brunt.
The challenge is massive, no time to be passive.

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