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For all enquiries, email us at


This is a brand new scheme; a hugely important one and its success could well be influenced by what you think say or do after reading this page.


The workplace ambassador scheme has its own ecosystem. These are the roles we have thought of so far: which suits you best?


The heart of the scheme. If you work for an organization of more than 30 people and care about climate change and the environment, think about stepping up to the plate, there's no time to wait.


All applications in all countries remain completely free to applicants for now. Submit your registration right here and we'll be in touch. 


Like the scheme but don’t work in a large organisation right now? How about advocating for the scheme?  So many people want it to succeed but we need people to talk to their friends, and promote it on social media or the mainstream media. Help us build support for and participation in, the scheme. Email above for the Advocate Application form and further details. You need to pass the short online course to get your Advocate's certification.


You may like helping others out; passing on the wisdom of your experience in management, climate advocacy, or a related field. We want our valuable new ambassadors to have people they can turn to with issues of how best to handle tricky situations or for just someone to talk to about the challenge of being a workplace climate ambassador. You could even be a diplomat yourself.


Guess you got one of our letters and here trying to find out 'what makes us tick'?

Well, given the importance of climate change mitigation and wider sustainability issues, and given the number of people working, why not use the second to tackle the first?  Check out the way we put our case in our published op-ed. And look, sorry to put this extra burden on your plate but guess you are going to have to check this out likely further up your management line. Hope that goes well; and please, any scheme-specific questions, let us know.


One of the early pioneers of electric cars was asked by a journalist if he "believed in electric cars". His answer was worth noting. "It doesn't matter what I personally believe, or frankly, and with respect, what you believe. The fact is, these concerns are out there, and people expect us to respond to them." 

Allowing your staff, indeed encouraging your staff to take part in the NZASAP Workplace Ambassador Scheme is a win for you environmentally, socially, and in terms of corporate governance. The full #ESG.


While NZASAP is launching its First In A Million Club, where the first ambassadors to sign up in any country have special t-shirts saying First In A Million Club and their accreditation charges are covered by NZASAP, to provide the full range of materials, interaction and support for a large number of ambassadors around the world will require the support down the line of sponsoring organizations. The cost per ambassador is USD 39.95 (NGN 20,000) per annum and sponsorship packages are available with appropriate promotion for ambassadors within a company, within a sector, or indeed, across a country. Whatever particular group you wish to designate as the one you wish to support. 

Click here to register and get full access to the Workplace Ambassadors Resource Directory

To access the directory, you must login to the website and send an email to and your credentials will be activated in the next 24 hours. 

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